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After US election UN still popular among Americans; 88% believe engagement with UN is important

Guterres called Trump

WASHINGTON, JANUARY 4 – After a contentious national election, a new poll conducted by a bipartisan research team and released today by the Better World Campaign finds that registered voters remain unified in support of international cooperation and diplomacy as key tools of American foreign policy. More than 8 in 10 Americans —81 percent­—agree that the United States is better positioned to achieve its foreign policy goals when it “works with major allies and through international organizations” rather than act mainly on its own. An overwhelming majority—88 percent—believe it is important for the U.S. to maintain an active role at the United Nations.

The poll shows that a strong majority of Americans, 61 percent, maintain a favorable impression of the UN. An even greater majority of Americans, 67 percent, continue to support the U.S. paying its dues to the UN on time and in full. When asked specifically about UN peacekeeping dues, support increases further to 70 percent.

“Americans know that international collaboration, including through active engagement at the UN, is critical to achieving U.S. national security interests,” said Peter Yeo, president of the Better World Campaign and vice president for public policy and advocacy at the United Nations Foundation. “These findings are an important guidepost for the Trump Administration and Members of Congress who will have the opportunity to work with a new UN Secretary-General to advance U.S. priorities and solve critical global problems.”

Today the new head of the United Nations Antonio Guterres called US President-Elect Donald Trump, his Spokesperson Farhan Haq confirmed. “This was an introductory phone call during which they had a very positive discussion on US/UN relations. The Secretary-General said that he looked forward to engaging with the President after his inauguration”, Haq added. On Tuesday, the Swede PR responded to Donald Trump’s criticism of the United Nations as the Nordic nation begins its January presidency of the UN Security Council. “Trump has been an outspoken critic of the intergovernmental organization, tweeting on December 27th that it is “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time”, UN Ambassador Olof Skoog said, insisting that the work the organization does is important, and cooperating is in the best interest of the US.

“Do we have fun in the UN? Do we have a good time? Yes, but we also work very hard. Multilateralism works in the interest of all countries, including the United States. If you look at what we have achieved, the consensus developed here in the last few years is very important work,” Skoog said at a media conference. “We feel a certain degree of concern over some of what was said during the US election campaign regarding the UN and multilateralism, but just now it is best to wait and see. Will the US turn its back on the UN? I think that as soon as you look closely at these questions you can see that it is in America’s interest to be involved,” he added.

Respondents in the Better World Campaign poll agreed that – after terrorism – hostile nations, international trade, and conflicts in Syria and Iraq are the most pressing international issues for the incoming Trump Administration. The poll also found that keeping America strong and secure around the world and finding the right balance of toughness and diplomacy in working with other countries should be foreign policy priorities for the Trump Administration.

The nationwide poll of 800 registered voters (440 landline/360 cell phone) was conducted December 7-12 by the bipartisan research team of Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates with a margin of error of ± 3.46 percent. Respondents were equally split between Republican and Democrat voters and those who supported Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton for president. (@OnuItalia)

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Alessandra Baldini e’ stata la prima donna giornalista parlamentare per l’Ansa, poi corrispondente a Washington e responsabile degli uffici Ansa di New York e Londra. Dirige OnuItalia.

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Alessandra Baldini e’ stata la prima donna giornalista parlamentare per l’Ansa, poi corrispondente a Washington e responsabile degli uffici Ansa di New York e Londra. Dirige OnuItalia. Contact: Website | Twitter | More Posts