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UNDP: Helen Clark announces that she will leave the Agency

NEW YORK, JANUARY 25 – In a letter to colleagues today, Helen Clark said she has informed the Secretary General that she is preparing to leave her position as Administrator of the UNDP at the end of her second term on April 19. This will allow the Secretary General to appoint a new Administrator as soon as possible, she said, adding that she stands ready to support the transition to the new leader of the organisation.

“I have full confidence in our Associate Administrator, Tege Gettu, to act as Administrator if there is a gap between my departure and the arrival of the next Administrator,” Ms Clark wrote. “It has been a privilege and an honour for me to lead UNDP for eight years. Our staff are our greatest strength, and I will miss you all.”

Last year Ms Clark campaigned to become Secretary General of the United Nations but narrowly missed out despite the wholehearted backing of John Key’s government.  (@OnuItalia)

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Stampa Articolo Stampa Articolo
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