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Trump: IOM and UNHCR, “refugees should receive equal treatment”

GENEVA, JANUARY 28 – “Refugees should receive equal treatment for protection and assistance, and opportunities for resettlement, regardless of their religion, nationality or race”, IOM and UNHCR said today in a joint statement issued after US president Donald Trump executive order on migration. “The needs of refugees and migrants worldwide have never been greater and the US resettlement program is one of the most important in the world”, the two UN organizations said in the stamens published in Geneva.

“The longstanding policy has offered a double win: first by rescuing some of the most vulnerable people in the world and second by enabling them to enrich their new societies. The contribution of refugees and migrants to their new homes worldwide has been overwhelmingly positive”, IOM and UNHCR said.

“Resettlement places provided by every country are vital. IOM and UNHCR hope that the US will continue its strong leadership role and long tradition of protecting those who are fleeing conflict and persecution”, the statement continues: “IOM and UNHCR remain committed to working with the US Administration towards the goal we share to ensure safe and secure resettlement and immigration programmes”.


Trump’s order has caused chaos at airports all over the United States and abroad. Within hours, green card and visa holders were blocked from getting on flights to the U.S. The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee said people who had already landed were being sequestered at airports and told they have to return to their point of origin. The Department of Homeland Security issued a directive at 4:30 p.m. ordering the Customs and Border Protection to enforce the executive order. “For those already here, we won’t actually know until the flights back to these areas begin departing,” Abed Ayoub of the ADC said about the crisis. (@OnuItalia)

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