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#CSW61: Italy’s Boschi calls for an AAA rating for gender equality

NEWYORK, MARCH 15 – An AAA rating for gender equality: “Perhaps it’s time for every government to make further concrete efforts to reach this goal”, the Undersecretary of State for Equal Opportunities, the Hon. Maria Elena Boschi, suggested at the General Debate of the 61st Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

“We are used to hearing that if a country receives an AAA rating, it has a very strong economy. Every country strives to reach or maintain that rating. Perhaps it’s time for every government to make further concrete efforts to reach an AAA rating for gender equality”, Boschi said. The Undersecretary stressed that investing in women, “in their potential, substantial and unique contribution they can make to the growth of a Country is the first step toward building and sustaining a better world for all – for all women and men”.

Boschi is leading the Italian delegation to the forum, a yearly appointment in March at the UN to coincide with the International Woman Day. She said to be particularly pleased to announce to the General Assembly that Italy, also as rotating President of the G7, strongly advocated placing at the top pf the G7 Agenda in Taormina the economic empowerment of women, their autonomy, their presence in political and economic decision-making environments, and the fight against all forms of violence and discrimination. (@OnuItalia)


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Stampa Articolo Stampa Articolo
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