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Italy approves emergency contributions to WFP, FAO and UNICEF for a total of eight mlns Euros

ROME, APRIL 27 – The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs gave green light to emergency volontary contributions to three UN organizations. Three millions euros were pledged to the WFP and two millions to FAO to refinance the Emergency Bilateral Funds for the year 2017, while another three million euros will go to UNICEF.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mario Giro approved the contributions which could be used in case of exceptional and unpredictable events and anytime that there is a threat to the survival of human beings.

Wherever possible, WFP, FAO and UNICEF should use Italian NGOs active in the area of the intervention, as long that the security conditions will allow it. (@OnuItalia)

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Stampa Articolo Stampa Articolo
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