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Alfano at EU Council: Europe is again key player in Africa

BRUSSELS, MAY 15 – Italy and Germany proposed to the EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs a joint European mission at the border between Libya and Niger, one of the crossroads of the migration crisis. “The news of the day  is that Europe is again a key player in Africa”, the Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said today, upon leaving the meeting in Brussels attended also by the new President of the Commission of the European Union, Moussa Faki.

“This is a very important day, because after many years, we are going beyond the bilateral agreements or just the economic agreements such as the Fund for Africa”, Alfano said.

Referring to the proposal of the joint mission, the Italian minister recalled that on July 6 the ministers of Foreign Affairs of the countries of transit will meet in Rome. “Italy has signed an agreement with Niger, but we have to to strenghten the dialogue non just at the bilateral level but as Europe”. (@OnuItalia)

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