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Somalia: Italy on front line to support the country; humanitarian aid and institution building

NEW YORK, MAY 17 – The humanitarian situation in Somalia is very worrisome:  Italy will continue to do its part by giving 4.5 millions of euro in humanitarian assistance to alleviate suffering and strengthen resilience for the most vulnerable categories of the civilian population, the Italian Permanent Representative to the UN Sebastiano Cardi told the Security Council.

“In the past months we have witnessed remarkable events that have restored significant hope for the future of Somalia”, Cardi said, stressing that it is crucial to build on these results, and move towards a different and more positive narrative of the situation in the Country. “We seize today’s opportunity to support President Farmajo and the Somali Authorities’ efforts in the institution-building process”, the Italian Ambassador added.  To that respect, Italy is actively committed – together with Somalia itself, the UN, African Union, IGAD, European Union and other relevant partners – to the full empowerment of Somali institutions: “We firmly believe that Somali ownership is key to this process. We have always adhered to this principle and will continue to do so”.

To read the full speech of Ambassador Cardi to the Security Council, click here (@OnuItalia)

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Stampa Articolo Stampa Articolo
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