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Intersos is looking for medical coordinator in Yemen


INTERSOS is an independent non-profit humanitarian organization committed to assist the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice,  human  dignity,  equality  of  rights  and  opportunities,  and  respect  for  diversity  and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable and unprotected people.INTERSOS  Intersos is looking for:
1.Terms of reference

Job title: Medical Coordinator

Duty station: Sana’a and Aden

Starting date: 1 July 2017

Duration of contract: 6 months

Reporting to: Head of Mission (on the progress and quality of the running health-nutrition programme and on new programming opportunities in the sector). The Med.co. closely coordinates with the Programme Coordinator and Protection Coordinator

Supervision of: Health-Nutrition project teams – with direct reporting from PMs Health-Nutrition (up to 5 different teams: 1 Aden, 2 Ibb, 1 Taiz North, and 1 Hajjah)
2.General context of the project

The humanitarian situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate as the conflict escalates and prolongs. According to the Task force on Population Movement (TFPM) (13th report – May 2017), the number of IDPs decreased; currently standing at 1,991,340 individuals (331,890 households). The Yemen conflict, now in its third year, has resulted in 42,553 injured and 7,684 deaths as of 17th Feb 2017. However most likely the number is much higher than reported, as an increasing number of health facilities are closing and many victims never reach a health facility.


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In October 2016, WHO and MoPHP published a report which examined service availability and health facilities functionality in 16 governorates based on Health Services and Resources Availability Mapping System (HeRAMS). The report highlighted the scale of the health crisis in Yemen as follows: 1) over half of the health facilities in 9 governorates [Al Jawf (91%), Marib (86%), Al Bayda (82%), Al Dhale’e (79%), Sa’ada (77%), Taiz (71%), Ibb (56%), Abyan (56%), Al Hodeidah (53%)] are partially functioning or non-functioning; 2) only four governorates (Abyan, Aden, Marib, Shabwah) meet the SPHERE standard of 22 health workers per 10,000 population.

The conflict has paralyzed the already severely compromised health and nutrition services. Many facilities were either damaged or destroyed during conflict. In April 2017 INTERSOS conducted a rapid multi cluster assessment in At Taiziyah, Al Mukha and Dhubab district in Taiz governorate aimed at measuring the emergency needs of the population including the health and nutrition needs. The assessment found out that 17% of the households surveyed reported that there was not enough of assistance for all entitled, while 15.3% reported that some population groups are not receiving aid at all and on the other hand 15% reported that non-affected groups are demanding humanitarian assistance. The most urgent needs identified by the surveyed households were prioritized in the following order, food (97%), cash (63.9%), drinking water (48.9%), shelter (27.7%) and medical/health support (23.2%).Yemen

INTERSOS in Yemen is implementing the following approach with Integrated Health and Nutrition Package that includes Reproductive Health/Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health (RH/MNCH), including g antenatal, deliveries and postnatal care for mothers; newborn care, immunization (for both routine and supplementary vaccines), deworming, vitamin A supplementation, screening for malnutrition, treatment for SAM cases, health education, Outpatient Consultation and treatment for common aliments for both adults and children. Integrated components of IYCF in nutrition treatment and prevention. The mobile teams run an Outpatient Therapeutic Program (OTP) applying Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM). Mobile teams provide treatment for the majority of children with SAM in the home using Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Foods (RUTF) and routine medical care. When necessary, severely malnourished children who have medical complications or lack an appetite are referred to in-patient facilities for more intensive treatment. CMAM integrates health education for prevention and sustainability.
3.Tasks and responsibilities
•Lead in the development of new projects/programs proposals
•Organize and report on monitoring/evaluation/assessment and learning (MEAL) for the sector on the mission
•Ensure coherence, structure, quality assurance innovation, cost-effectiveness and capacity development for the sector programme and the national teams
•Supervise the project teams ensuring planning, implementation, and monitoring/evaluation and sets targets
•Monitor the financial management of the projects, in compliance with INTERSOS’ model and donor regulations
•Supervise the delivery of quality project activities reporting, including the findings in terms of impact/changes at the level of beneficiaries achieved through the project
•Attend the sector meetings and represent INTERSOS at central level in sectors and hub meetings; ensure linkage for sub-region and national level meetings


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More specifically:
•Contribute to the development of INTERSOS health and nutrition strategy in the country, ensuring its consistency with the national and international standardized protocols, policies and guidelines
•Supervise the management of all the medical interventions in the country and roll out of medical inventory tools
•Liaise with local government and health authorities, non-state actors, UN agencies, NGOs, and donors at national and field site level
•Ensure accurate data collection and reporting are submitted in a timely manner for all activities within the program, set up corrective measures in case of need
•Work with health and nutrition teams and logistic department to procure and pre-position drugs in a timely manner to ensure adequate supply at the intervention sites
•Ensure the supervision of the pharmacy (consumptions, orders, and inventory) in collaboration with the pharmacist and link to the logistic department
•Follow up on context and medical-nutrition trend analysis and sharing of key information with HOM and peers, and with health-nutrition coordinator at HQ
•Provide relevant capacity building and on-job coaching to the project team(junior national Health-Nutrition PMs)
•Ensure PMs are delivering monthly timely, complete and qualitative a comprehensive project reporting (PAT-project appraisal tool) to the health-nutrition and programme coordinators and the HoM
•Perform any other related duties as required.
4.Position requirements
•Hold an advanced degree in medicine, public health, or related field
•At least 5 years of professional experience working as a technical expert in the area of primary health care or a related field is required, including financial management responsibilities
•Prior work experience in Yemen and the Middle East region (highly desirable)
•Demonstrate minimum 2 year experience in the implementation of health programming in complex emergencies, including mobile clinics/ primary health care services and emergency health care services
•Prior experience in working in complex emergency setting, involving displacement
•Familiarity with the health system in Yemen and/or Middle East, especially with primary health care and health outreach services
•Experience with donor compliance and reporting, experience in establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with donors and government counterparts
•Admin/finance skills, strong representation, negotiation communication and diplomatic skills
•Demonstrated experience in coordination, staff supervision, remote management and use of monitoring tools and systems
•Readiness and ability to move around in Yemen (North, Central and South)
•Excellent computer skills (proven computer literacy, in particular Excel knowledge is a must)
•Excellent written and spoken English-knowledge of Arabic would be an asset
•Excellent analytical skills, observation and analysis capacity, ability to work in stressful environments with heavy work pressure
•Strong team spirit, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment Ability to adhere to deadlines and respect line management
Qualified applicants are requested to submit their curriculum vitae and motivation letter to recruitment@intersos.org with subject line ‘Medical Coordinator – Yemen’.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the first interview.

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Maria Novella Topi è stata a lungo capo servizio della Redazione Esteri dell’Ansa. Tra le sue missioni l’Albania (di cui ha seguito per l’agenzia la caduta del comunismo e le successive rivolte), l’Iraq e la Libia. Ha lavorato per lunghi periodi nell’ufficio di corrispondenza di Parigi. Collabora da Roma a OnuItalia.

Stampa Articolo Stampa Articolo
About Maria Novella Topi

Maria Novella Topi è stata a lungo capo servizio della Redazione Esteri dell'Ansa. Tra le sue missioni l'Albania (di cui ha seguito per l'agenzia la caduta del comunismo e le successive rivolte), l'Iraq e la Libia. Ha lavorato per lunghi periodi nell'ufficio di corrispondenza di Parigi. Collabora da Roma a OnuItalia. Contact: Website | More Posts