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Sri Lanka: floods; Italy announces emergency aid to WFP

ROME, MAY 30 – Following the worst flooding in 14 years in Sri Lanka, the Italian government announced a 200,000 Euros contribution in favor of the local population affected by the disaster. “In face of the dire humanitarian situation, Italy wanted to give immediately a concrete sign of solidarity”, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Angelino Alfano, said today.

The funds from the Department of Cooperation will be used by the WFP so that emergency food supplies could be distributed as soon as possible in the areas affected by the rains of the last few days.

The bad weather that has killed at least 194 people is expected to continue, the Red Cross said on Monday. The flooding was brought on by monsoon rains across southwestern portions of the country, according to Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Disaster Management.

As many as 99 people are missing, and the death toll is expected to rise as authorities battle to rescue those still stranded, warning of the possibility of crocodile attacks. More than half a million people have been affected. Local Sri Lanka Red Cross volunteers and staff workers have been on the scene to give first aid, help with search and rescue missions, and distribute food, water and supplies. (@OnuItalia)
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