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Italy with IGAD: Italian Carabinieri will assist in consolidating CVE training programs

NEW YORK, JUNE 22 – The Horn of Africa is an area that has been in the cross-fires of the fight against extremism for years, and to which Italy dedicates special attention, the Italian Representative to the UN Sebastiano Cardi said today, during a UN Security Council meeting in Arria-formula on “Preventing Terrorism and Violent Extremism in the Horn of Africa: Enhancing  partnership for regional efforts”. 

Italy is drafting a Memorandum of Understanding with IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) to consolidate the CVE training programs through the involvement of the Carabinieri, and has made an initial contribution of 300.000 Euros to the IGAD Center of Excellence on countering violent extremism, the Italian Ambassador said.

“The Djibouti-based Center of Excellence is a structure in which we believe. It reflects the concept, which we share, that we need to gradually strengthen the capacity of the region to inspire, coordinate, and assist Governments first-hand in the implementation of their respective national P-CVE strategies”, Cardi explained mentioning, as an example of successful practices, the experience gained in Somalia. “This has taught us that the effects of international cooperation on the capacities of the region to tackle the root causes of violent extremism are more effective when there is structured coordination among the partners in the planning, donation, and implementation assistance phases”.

The Preventing and Counter Violent Extremism Center of Excellence was inaugurated officially on October 16, 2016 at the Institute of Diplomatic Studies in Djibouti. The CVE Center of Excellence will be a dedicated platform where training, research and analysis, counter narratives and best practices will be cultivated and shared. The Center will also facilitate and encourage efficient coordination, cooperation and collaboration among the Horn and Eastern Africa  Countries , Civil Societies as well as,

To read Ambassador Cardi speech in full, click here. (@OnuItalia)

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