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Emergency aid from Italy to UNHCR to assist Congolese refugees in Angola

ROME, JUNE 24 – A few days after sending aid to the South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, the Italian government turned its attentino to the dramatic emergency situation in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A 300,000 Euros contribution was authorized to assist the UN refugee agency to cope with the flux of refugees fleeing from the DRC in the neighbouring Angola.


Announced on Saturday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Angelino Alfano, the aid follows another contribution of 1,1000,000 Euros to the Angolan government for interventions in the health sector. The new funding will support initiatives for food security, health, schooling,  and the promotion of resilience among the most vulnerable refugee categories. “Over a million people left the DRC and more than 30,000 are now in Angola. The camps opened by the Angolan governanti in the Lunda Norte province are already full”, Alfano said.

The United Nations has opened an investigation into killings in central Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo’s government has been fighting armed groups in the Kasai region since August, prompting fears of a wider conflict in the central African country, riven by ethnic rivalry and competing claims over mineral resources. Congo’s Catholic Church said this week the violence had killed more than 3,300 people since October, with both government forces and the militia responsible for hundreds of deaths. (@OnuItalia)

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