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INTERSOS is looking for ‘Country finance officer in Afghanistan’

Afghanistan Kabul

ROMA, 29 GIUGNO – INTERSOS, independent humanitarian organization that assists the victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and exclusion, is looking for a ‘Country finance officer’ in Afghanistan.

1.Terms of reference

Job title: Country Finance Officer

Duty Station: Kabul

Starting date: August 2017

Duration of contract: 3 months (renewable)

Reporting to: Head of Mission and Regional Finance Officer

Supervision of: National Admins at capital and field level

Dependents: no

2.General context of the project

INTERSOS has a long standing presence and experience working in Afghanistan: its operations started in the country in October 2001, with its main office in Kabul and other operating centres in Jalalabad, Maimana, Kandahar and Lashkar Gah. Until recently, INTERSOS has worked in 17 provinces and helped over 500,000 people. The organization has been involved in all aspects of the Afghan emergency, with a special focus on creating conditions for the return of displaced people to their communities of origin and preventing further exoduses of rural communities hit by natural or man-made disasters. Since then, INTERSOS’s main sectors of intervention have been: emergency relief for conflict/disaster affected communities, assisting IDPs and refugees, rehabilitation and reconstruction of civil infrastructure, protection and safeguarding of the most vulnerable people, including children, livelihoods, mine risk education.

INTERSOS is currently operating in Kabul and Kandahar Province, in partnership with UNICEF and UNHCR, for the delivery of education in emergency and livelihood services to internally displaced and returnees communities.

3.General purpose of the position

The Country Finance Officer is responsible for the proper technical performance of all accounting-financial activities of the mission and its projects. In this context, S/he ensures the correct and effective management of financial resources, in accordance with the Organization procedures and the Regional Finance Officer’s guidelines.

4.Tasks and responsibilitiesAfghanistan

•Ensure compliance with INTERSOS and donors procedures
•Manage country and project accounting and coordinate administrative personnel
•Assume responsibility for cash account administration, ensuring conformity to existing procedures; shortages or thefts must be reported, bearing the joint signature of both, the Country Finance Officer and the Head of Mission
•Update the economic and financial status of the mission and related-projects, in terms of expenses, appropriations, available cash and liquidity (Prima Nota)
•Monthly update the Global Management of the mission under the coordination of the Regional Finance Officer
•Provide support to the Head of Mission on drafting new projects
•Check Bank accounts of the mission and provide the Regional Finance Officer with monthly Bank Statements and Bank reconciliations
•Check the interim and final financial reports and submit them to the Project Manager and Head of Mission for approval (with the support of the Regional Finance Officer)
•Assume responsibility for local personnel register
•Ensure the proper execution of goods, works and services procurement processes and conformity to INTERSOS and donors procedures
•Be responsible for mission administrative-accounting documents and all finished project Documentation (with the support and overall responsibility of the Regional Finance Officer)


•Set up, organize and manage the administrative files pertaining the mission and in loco projects, based on criteria defined by the Protocols and any indications from the Regional Finance Officer
•Check that warehouse bookkeeping and related documents are d stored and filled
•Update inventory records pertaining INTERSOS and third-parties assets and verify the completeness of the supporting documentation
•Provide the Regional Finance Officer with official documentation on individual projects and contracts
•Update the list of reliable suppliers, as indicated by the Head of Mission, for subsequent use in specific procedures
•Manage the local personnel register, subdivided by project
•Submit to the Regional Finance Officer and the Foreign Finance Director the accounting report and the supporting documentation

5.Required profile/experience

•Advanced university degree from a recognized academic institution in one or more of the following areas is preferable: Finance Management, Business Administration, Management, International Economics, International Development, Contract/Commercial Law
•Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience at national and international level, working as admin-finance officer also in humanitarian field locations
•Proven experience with different donor finance compliance and reporting
•Strong understanding of the humanitarian emergency operating context, the humanitarian system and its flexibility, donors and their high demanding, security and financial management in humanitarian context
•Strong understanding of budgeting and financial management
•Excellent computer skills, especially Excel
•Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of Italian and/or Arabic is desirable
•Ability to persuade and influence, negotiate to obtain agreement, promote ideas
•Ability to network and establish good relations with stakeholders, at all levels
•Fast learner, adapts and responds to change, tolerates ambiguity
•Strong representation and negotiation skills, good leadership and interpersonal/communication skills
•Ability to work with people with different backgrounds and cultures
•Commitment and Respect of local culture
•Ability to perform and assure high accuracy in work under stress
•Positive and solution oriented personality

Qualified applicants are requested to submit their CV, motivation letter and 2 references to recruitment@intersos.org with subject line: ‘Country Finance Officer-Afghanistan’.

(@novellatop, 28 giugno 2017)

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Maria Novella Topi è stata a lungo capo servizio della Redazione Esteri dell’Ansa. Tra le sue missioni l’Albania (di cui ha seguito per l’agenzia la caduta del comunismo e le successive rivolte), l’Iraq e la Libia. Ha lavorato per lunghi periodi nell’ufficio di corrispondenza di Parigi. Collabora da Roma a OnuItalia.

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About Maria Novella Topi

Maria Novella Topi è stata a lungo capo servizio della Redazione Esteri dell'Ansa. Tra le sue missioni l'Albania (di cui ha seguito per l'agenzia la caduta del comunismo e le successive rivolte), l'Iraq e la Libia. Ha lavorato per lunghi periodi nell'ufficio di corrispondenza di Parigi. Collabora da Roma a OnuItalia. Contact: Website | More Posts