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South Sudan: Cardi, situation still dramatic; Italy is working on political and humanitarian front

NEW YORK, JULY 20 – In the worsening crisis in South Sudan, Italy will continue to work consistently on the two fronts. “On the political level, by fostering in every fora the solution to the crisis, starting with the South Sudanese stakeholders, including civil society, and the regional stakeholders. On the humanitarian level, by providing aid and financing multilateral programs to address the food emergency”, the Italian Permanent Representative to the UN Sebastiano Cardi told today the Security Council.

The situation is dramatic: half of the population needs food aid, while the human rights violations are worsening, Cardi said. “The 250 children trapped between the clashing parties, the increased arrests of journalists, just to make two examples. Despite the Government’s announcement of a unilateral ceasefire, the fighting continues”, the Italian Ambassador said.

Cardi remarked that the only solution to the crisis is political. “We have taken this position in the previous Council’s sessions, bilaterally, and as co-Chair of the IGAD Partners Forum at the IGAD Summit on June 12″. It is also clear to all of us, the Ambassador said, that without the collaboration of IGAD members, there can be no peace in South Sudan. IGAD, together with the African Union and the United Nations, is the organization that can  and must develop the political track for inclusive dialogue between the parties to the South Sudan conflict.

“We therefore appreciate the growing intensity of its diplomatic action in recent weeks. The communiqué of the IGAD Ministerial Summit on July 2 is an important step in the right direction”, Cardi said.

To read Cardi’s full speech, click here. (@OnuItalia)

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