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Sahel: Lambertini to UNSC, Italy renews commitment towards stabilization

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NEW YORK, AUGUST 15 – “Sahel today is a region facing many important security challenges such as terrorism, illegal trafficking and transnational crime. Challenges that produce effects well beyond the Sahel region, threatening the region, Africa and also Europe”, the Italian Charge d’Affairs at the United Nations Inigo Lambertini, renewing today, in front of the Security Council, Italy’s commitment for the stabilization of the region.

In the Mediterranean Italy verifies daily the effects of instability in the Sahel, in its action against the continuing threat of terrorism and contrast the illegal trafficking and criminal networks that manage them, like human beings, Lambertini said during a Council briefing on the regional force G5 Sahel. “The destruction of this criminal model and stabilization of the entire region is for our country’s top priorities. In this context, we are convinced that close cooperation with the G5 is essential to master these phenomena effectively and that is why Italy has multiplied its initiatives in the region”, the Italian delegate said.

In this context, Italy welcomes with favor the decision of G5 Sahel to create, with the support of the African Union, a joint force. “We are pleased to have the G5 Sahel as Partner that shares our same concerns”, said Lambertini stressing that Italy will maintain its support, both bilaterally and within the framework of its action within the European Union and by the United Nations.

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Finally, Lambertini recalled the  United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel, also known as “Prodi Initiative” from the name of the former Italian Prime Minister and former UN Special Envoy Romano Prodi. “This strategy remains, conceptually, a very important tool, although its implementation has so far been negative. We believe that an effort on the part of the Security Council is needed to restart the exercise, while including the G5 in this dynamic, as the objectives of the Strategy and the G5 objectives are specular (governance, security, resilience and development ). (@OnuItalia)

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