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DRC: Cardi lends support to Guterres’ efforts to bring who killed two UN investigators to justice

NEW YORK, AUGUST 17 – The United Nations Security Council met today to discuss the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a special focus on the still unresolved death of two young UN investigators last March.

Relatives of the two victims, American citizen Michael Sharp and Zeida Catalan from Sweden, attended the meeting. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Congo was present as well. Several members of the Council called on U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Thursday to establish an international investigation into the murders.

Sharp, an American who was coordinator of a sanctions monitoring group that reports to the council, and Catalan, were killed on March 12 while carrying out investigations in central Congo’s insurrection-ravaged Kasai region. In a letter to the president of the Security Council this week, Guterres said he planned to discuss the establishment of a “follow-on mechanism” to the board of inquiry with Congo officials and council members. “Accountability has yet to materialize,” said Jonathan Allen, Britain’s deputy permanent representative. “Those who ordered their killings remain at large.”

The Italian Permanent Representative Sebastiano Cardi expressed support on Guterres efforts to identify responsibility and bring the culprits to justice.

Cardi also spoke of the situation in the country, where many years of conflict caused one of the most serious humanitarian crisis in the world. The Italian Ambassador called upon the Council to continue to keep the DRC in its spotlight, with a special attention on the violations of human rights in the region of Kasai and on the illegal trafficking of natural resources. (@OnuItalia)

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