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Peacekeeping: Lambertini, focus on preventive diplomacy, flexibility of mandates

NEW YORK, AUGUST, 29 – The pursuit of political settlements should be at the core of UN overall aim  when it decides to intervene to restore peace and security in crises-affected areas. Preventive diplomacy and working towards a negotiated, inclusive, political solution before the crisis erupts are, in our opinion, the measuring stick of our work and the smartest choice to adopt. In fact, the primacy of politics and the centrality of the people are essential to guarantee the sustainability of peace, the Italian Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Inigo Lambertini said today, addressing a UN Security Council meeting on Peacekeeping operations, Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace.

“Once the crisis has erupted despite all such efforts, it becomes then essential to avoid a relapse into conflict after the initial intervention by the UN”, said Lambertini stressing that with respect to mandates, it is key to define an entry strategy, clear attainable objectives and measurable benchmarks for all the parties involved. At the same time, clear benchmarks for launching a responsible and coordinated  exit strategy should be provided at the onset to prevent “mission creep” and the potential relapse of conflicts. “Mandates should not be seen as a crystalized reality”, added the Italian Ambassador.

Lambertini stressed the importance of partnerships with regional entities and also that those who are responsible for the implementation of the mandate, that is peacekeepers, are reliable points of reference. “This is why it is essential to adopt a zero tolerance policy against those Blue Helmets who have committed sexual exploitation and abuses. It is not only a matter of full respect of fundamental human rights, but also a matter of UN’s credibility. In this framework, training, in particular pre-deployment and mandate-oriented, is of course key. In this regard, Lambertini recalled Italy’s role as a training and logistics hub thanks to its facilities in Vicenza (COESPU), Brindisi (Global Service Center) and Turin (UN Staff College). (@OnuItalia)



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Stampa Articolo Stampa Articolo
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