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Nigeria: INTERSOS is looking for food security project manager


ROME, 30 AUGUST – INTERSOS, an independent humanitarian organization that assists the victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and exclusion of vulnerable people, is looking for: FOOD SECURITY PROJECT MANAGER IN NIGERIA Nigeria


  1. Terms of reference

Job title: Food Security Project Manager

Duty Station: Maiduguri – Borno – North East Nigeria

Starting date: 18th September 2017

Duration of contract: 4 months

Reporting to: Head of Mission (HoM)

Dependents: no

  1. General context of the project

The Boko Haram armed opposition insurgency started in 2009 and Maiduguri was the epicentre of the armed conflict. The armed conflict later spread to all twenty-seven (27) Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Borno State, North East Nigeria. The conflict took an international dimension as it spread to the neighbouring countries of Cameroun, Niger and Chad, resulting in the displacement of millions of people across all four frontiers. The Armed Opposition Group (AOG) has been killing people in both rural and urban centres in their quest to form a hairline Islamic State in the north east of Nigeria. A high number of towns and cities have been burned and destroyed. Social services and amenities have also been destroyed and are now non-existent. Agricultural activities which used to be the source of food security and livelihoods among the rural communities of the North East are no longer existent. Joint military operations by Cameroun, Nigeria, Chad and Niger have resulted in the liberation of 15 LGAs. Nigeria

  1. Tasks and responsibilities

The Food Security Project Manager should provide overall supervision to the activities implemented within the framework of the project, ensuring that they are delivered following the proposal text agreed upon with the donor, and that these activities are achieving timely results.


  • Liaise and collaborate with relevant local authorities, donors’ program staff and other key stakeholders for a coordinated implementation of project activities;
  • Line management for the Food Security project staff;
  • Coordinate, supervise and manage Food Security project implementation (activities, budget and project documentation) in line with proposals, strategies and donor requirements;
  • Elaborate project concept notes and proposals for submission to donors;
  • Ensure adherence to INTERSOS policies, guidance and procedures;
  • Provide distribution reports to the donor partner as required after each distribution;
  • Provide regular progress reports to the Head of Mission and the regional program support officer;
  • Develop and manage Food Security project budget;
  • Implement technical direction for food distribution and ensure high technical quality of project;
  • Ensure that the project targets the beneficiaries that are most vulnerable and most in need;
  • Initiate and participate in the development of relevant Food Security projects;
  • Ensure capacity building of project staff and transfer of key skills;
  • Implement other tasks as might be required with relation to the INTERSOS Country Program in Nigeria.Nigeria
  1. Required profile/experience
  • University, Bachelor’s degree;
  • Minimum 3 years of experience from a senior level project implementation position in a humanitarian/recovery context;
  • Experience in working in complex and volatile contexts;
  • Technical Food Security expertise (In-kind and cash for food);
  • Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities;
  • Experience in leadership and problem solving;
  • Fluency in English, both written and oral;
  • Capacity to adapt to basic living conditions, patience;
  • Ability to put up with pressure from government agencies;
  • Ability to deliver high quality work within tight deadlines;
  • Strong negotiation skills.

Qualified applicants are requested to submit their CV, motivation letter and 2 references to recruitment@intersos.org with subject line: ”SR-49-54 Food Security PM-Nigeria”.

(@novellatop,  30 agosto  2017)

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Maria Novella Topi è stata a lungo capo servizio della Redazione Esteri dell’Ansa. Tra le sue missioni l’Albania (di cui ha seguito per l’agenzia la caduta del comunismo e le successive rivolte), l’Iraq e la Libia. Ha lavorato per lunghi periodi nell’ufficio di corrispondenza di Parigi. Collabora da Roma a OnuItalia.

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About Maria Novella Topi

Maria Novella Topi è stata a lungo capo servizio della Redazione Esteri dell'Ansa. Tra le sue missioni l'Albania (di cui ha seguito per l'agenzia la caduta del comunismo e le successive rivolte), l'Iraq e la Libia. Ha lavorato per lunghi periodi nell'ufficio di corrispondenza di Parigi. Collabora da Roma a OnuItalia. Contact: Website | More Posts