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Libya: Alfano in London, “stop to individual mediations, support instead UN envoy mission”


LONDON, SEPTEMBER 14 – “Too many mediations don’t bring results; it would be better to concentrate all efforts on the UN Special Envoy’s action in Libya”, the Italian Minister of Foreign affairs told a meeting in London with colleagues of the United States, Great Britain, France, United Emirates and Egypt. Attending the meeting was also Un Envoy Ghassam Salame’

“Strengthening the UN in Libya would have the effect to sideline whoever tries to have separate deals in order to get out the better for themselves”, Alfano said. The meeting at Lancaster House coincided with unanimous vote of the UN Security Council in New York to renew the UNSMIL mission for one year. The resolution includes a paragraph which stresses the central role of the United Nations in the future of the country.

The London meeting aimed to make a joint reflection on the state of the political process in Libya, exchange evaluations on how to support the action of the United Nations on this dossier ahead of the meeting on the same theme that Secretary-General Guterres will convene in New York, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly next 20 September.

The meeting discussed a roadmap for the amendments to be made to the National Political Agreement, for the adoption of a Libyan Constitution and for the perspective of holding parliamentary elections in view of the “expiry” of the Skhirat Agreement next 17 December. (@OnuItalia)


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Stampa Articolo Stampa Articolo
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