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Libya: Alfano to UNSC, “stability and security across Mediterranean is at stake”

NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 16 – In Libya, stability and security across the Mediterranean are at stake. A political solution is indispensable. There are no military shortcuts. Because if a party goes for the military option, the crisis could continue for a long time and Daesh could re-emerge, the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs Angelino Alfano told today the UN Security Council.

Alfano chaired the meeting in which the Council was briefed by the UN Special Representative Ghassam Salame. “The fight against terrorism must remain a strategic priority. And the control of the Libyan borders is also very critical. Today, for example, after the defeat of Daesh in Iraq and in Syria, foreign fighters may return to Libya and from there to Europe“, Alfano warned, speaking in his national capacity.

“Italy has saved and welcomed thousands of refugees and migrants “by combining solidarity and security”, the Italian Foreign Minister said. He added that the decline of migration flows can’t be at the expense of human rights. Italy wants to improve the appalling conditions of refugees and migrant centers and, while working with UNHCR and IOM, is now launching new calls for Ngo projects. “But – especially in this moment – the focus on the Libyan borders has become a security imperative. And it’s a task that must be shared by the main actors of the international community”.

Alfano, who met Salame’ this morning ahead of the Security Council meeting,  underlined that “the Libyan Political Agreement remains the only framework for the transition”. While the Libyans are negotiating, we need institutional interlocutors to define and implement programmes for the sake of the Libyan people. “And to improve security, Libya needs unified security forces under the control of the Presidency Council”.

To read Minister Alfano’s full statement click here (@OnuItalia)

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