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Reset presents a new book on State Building in Libya

ROME, NOVEMBER 24  – Organized by Reset Dialogues on Civilizations, the presentation of a new book on Lybia will be the occasion, next Monday in Rome, to discuss the obstacles to the formation of an actual state-building process in the North African country. State Building in Libya. Integrating Diversities, Traditions and Citizenship collects essays by Massimo Campanini, Irene Costantini, Federico Cresti, Moncef Djaziri, Courtney Erwin, Thomas Hüsken, Georg Klute, Wolfgang Kraus, Arturo Varvelli, with an afterword by Roberto Toscano.

Giancarlo Bosetti

Italian Interior Minister, Marco Minniti, will attend the presentation. Giancarlo Bosetti, Director of Reset DOC, will introduce the event and there will be two speakers — Silvia Colombo, Senior Fellow, Mediterranean and Middle East Programme; and Arturo Varvelli Senior Research Fellow at ISPI and Co-Head of ISPI’s Middle East and North Africa Center. The event will be held at the Istituto Affari Internazionali (Via Angelo Brunetti 9, Rome).

The presentation of the book (in English) will provide a great opportunity to start an in-depth analysis of issues such as:  Will it be possible to achieve stable government and legislation in Libya? Which conditions would facilitate such an outcome? What influence could family relations and the army have with the various clans? What is the role played by women and young people in the peace-building process? In a territory characterized by vast distances, deserts, an unequal distribution of resources and tribal divisions, the Libyan political landscape seems increasingly unstable.  The role that both Italy and Europe have in the humanitarian refugee crisis will also be discussed

OI, November 24, 2017

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Stampa Articolo Stampa Articolo
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