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DPRK: UNSC briefed on “most dangerous” threat to peace today; Cardi, “a threat of global nature”

NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 29 – In face of a dangerous situation – in the words of the Undersecretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, “the most dangerous” threat to peace in the world today – Italy briefed the Security Council as Chair of sanctions committee on North Korea expressing strong condemnation for the continuous violations of Un resolutions and particularly for the last ballistic missile launch of November 28.

“The submission rate of States’ Implementation Reports on sanctions for the last resolutions is much higher than previously”, the Italian Permanent Representative Sebastiano Cardi said, but it’s not enough, and more can be done. Speaking in his national capacity at the end of the meeting convened at the request of the American, Japanese and South Korean delegation, Cardi described as “irresponsible” and “illegal” the latest provocation by the DPRK regime.

“Given the grave risks associated with any military confrontation, in exercise of its primary responsibility the Security Council needs to do all it can to prevent an escalation. Unity in the Security Council is critical,” said Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman in an emergency meeting – the 13th time the Council has met to discuss the DPRK in 2017.

The UN political chief’s appeals came after United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres earlier “strongly condemned” the ballistic missile launch, which according to news reports landed in the Sea of Japan.

“Italy firmly condemns, as stated today by Prime Minister Gentiloni and Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, Pyongyang’s launch of another ballistic missile of intercontinental range, “which constitutes a grave threat of a truly global nature, as well as an immediate danger to neighboring countries”, Cardi said concluding the meeting. 

Following his colleagues assessment that North Korea’s persistent defiance of the non-proliferation regime, in violation of multiple UNSC Resolutions, represents a threat to regional stability as well as to international peace and security, the Italian ambassador invited the international community to stand together in order to defend our collective security. “Allow me also to reiterate, in this context, the primary importance that Italy attaches to the continued unity of the Security Council on this matter”, he said.
Addressing the Council, the US Ambassador Nikki Haley called on all nations to sever diplomatic relations with North Korea. Italy, as the Ambassador recalled, has adopted such measure at the national level, consistent with relevant UNSC Resolutions, such as interrupting the accreditation procedure for the DPRK Ambassador in Rome, an act which was praised in the us by the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and, in the UNSC chamber hall, by Haley who sent a string word message to the North Korean leadership: “If war comes, the North Karen leadership will be utterly destroyed”.
Cardi’s message was more nuanced: Through the decision to cut diplomatic relations, Italy intended to convey “an unequivocal message regarding the need for the DPRK to abandon its defiant and self-isolating policies”. The ambassador reiterated Italy’s support with the people of North Korea, “who continue to suffer as the regime ignores their basic needs in the pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them”.  

The North Korean missile was reportedly launched from an area north of the capital, Pyongyang, covering about 950 kilometres (km) and reaching an apogee of around 4,500 km, before impacting into the sea in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, Mr. Feltman confirmed to the Security Council. These parameters indicate that, if flown on a standard trajectory, the missile as configured would have a range in excess of 13,000 km.

This is the DPRK’s third test of a ballistic missile of apparent intercontinental range in less than six months and its 20th ballistic missile launch this year. This morning, Mr. Feltman called a meeting with the DPRK Permanent Representative to the UN to deliver the UN Secretary-General’s message. During the meeting, Mr. Feltman stressed that “there is nothing more dangerous to peace and security in the world than what is happening now on the Korean Peninsula.”

Here is Ambassador Cardi’s speech in his national capacity. Click. (@OnuItalia)

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