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“Hidden Leonte”, photographer Avantaggiato follows the Italians in UNIFIL

SHAMA, September 6 – Day and night-time patrols, establishment of observation points, installations of Blue Pillar, monitoring of the Blue Line, clear of land mines, education, interactions and support with Lebanese civilians. The camera of fotographer Luigi Avantaggiato explores “The Hidden Flow of Leonte”, after the name of the Italian operation within the UN peacekeeping mission in Southern Lebanon –  the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

UNIFIL operates along the “Blue Line”, a virtual border between Lebanon and Israel identified in 2000 by the United Nations in cooperation with Lebanese and Israeli officials for the purpose of confirming the withdrawal of Israel Defence Forces (IDF) troops from Lebanese territory in conformity with Security Council resolution 425.

After some aggressive violations caused by both factions, the UN Security Council has reinforced the military contingent UNIFIL to a maximum of 15,000 troops to be deployed in Lebanon in stages, by expanding the area of operations throughout the Lebanese territory south of the Litani River (Leontes River). About 1,100 Italian soldiers are serving in UNIFIL.

Hidden Leonte is a cross media documentary project that disclose the different mandates of UN mission. Embedded with Italian Army “Sassari Brigade”, which leads UNIFIL’s Sector West, Avantaggiato explores the hidden flow of the different situations that arise in this undefined zone, keeping a focus on the population of Southern Lebanon.

Take a look at the project, click here. (@Onuitalia)


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