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UNMAS: not just Libya, it’s landmines alert elsewhere in Africa

Hartley praises Italy for its strong commitment

ROME, DECEMBER 16 – “Libya, Mali and Sudan are the African countries which require the most efforts”, Abigail Hartley, head of the political section of UNMAS told Dire News Agency. Hartley praised Italy’s commitment to the UN agency responsible for demining.

In the past two years Italy increased its contribution by 35 per cent. “Your country chairs the Mine Action Support Group (Masg) and has increased its support because it’s aware the the needs are huge”, Hardley said.

In 2015 the Italian government gave UNMAS 1,350,000 Euros to help with demining activities in Gaza, Colombia, Syria and Sudan. This year the funding was increased to 1,979,000 Euros adding two countries: Lybia and Iraq. Hartley mentioned in particular programs financed in Sudan: “A quarter million Euros for cleaning up mine fields and supporti economically and psychologically the victims of mines”, UNMAS responsible said.

Dire’s interview starting point was the new UNMAS report of the International Campaign to Ban Landimines (Icbl) which confirm a 25% incerasse of victims of landmines and IED. in 2015 Improvised Explosive Devices where responsabile of a 20% increase of the 6,461 victims. (@OnuItalia)

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