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Aleppo: Grandi, “atrocities commonplace, city metaphor for situation in Syria”

GENEVA, DECEMBER 17 – With the situation in Aleppo, “where atrocities have become commonplace”, Syria’s war “has reached an historic low”, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said today. But that is not all. According to Grandi, the Syrian city “has become a metaphor for the disastrous situation that Syria is in today, with half the population having been forced from their homes”, he added on the eve of International Migrants Day.

“A great city and its population are in tatters and catastrophic failings have been exposed in the international community’s collective resolve. Together with other organizations, UNHCR is doing what it can for the many thousands of civilians who have been forced to flee. But humanitarian action alone can do little to protect in a situation where there is seemingly a collapse of common humanity on all sides”, Grandi said, stressing that UNHCR and partners have provided trauma help to more than 8,000 children in recent days.

“There are nonetheless clear steps that must be taken now. All military action must halt. All remaining civilians must be allowed safe conduct out from Eastern Aleppo. Priority must be placed on saving lives. Civilians should not be hostage to negotiations”, Grandi added, noticing that in Aleppo “atrocities have been allowed to become commonplace. So many lives have been lost. There is grave risk now that such displacement and suffering will not stop, but will be repeated elsewhere, in other wars. For the sake of civilian protection everywhere, Syria’s conflict must be ended, now, and without delay.” (@OnuItalia)

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