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Alfano to the Directors of Italian Cultural Institutes: relaunching Italy as a cultural superpower

ROME, Dec. 19 – Italy triples the investments and relaunches the idea of Italy as a “cultural superpower”: “We must exercise this strength of ours and our influence also on the diplomatic level, as it becomes cultural diplomacy”. These are the words of Italy’s Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano summarizing the goal of the programme “Vivere all’Italiana” (“Italian way of life”) which was presented to the Directors of the Italian Cultural Institutes in the world this morning.

“Today, we have brought together a network, which together with the diplomatic and consular ones constitutes the network of the foreign ministry. I think this revival on the Italian way of life is a right path we are pursuing with great force,” the minister said.


“Vivere all’Italiana” is the name of Italy’s innovative integrated promotion strategy abroad, leveraging the excellence of our country ranging from art and cinema to design and food, and carried out by Italian embassies, Consulates, and Italian Cultural Institutes.

Promoting Italian culture around the world is a strategic component of the foreign policy of a Country such as ours, that is committed to fostering dialogue, innovation, and social and economic growth. The “Vivere all’Italiana” catch line aims at highlighting the effort made to combine beauty and poetry at every level of living, creating and producing.

Developed by the Foreign Ministry in conjunction with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and the Ministry of Education, and with the cooperation of the Società Dante Alighieri and Rai, will target strategic areas: contemporary art, cinema, archaeology, design, wine and food, internationalisation of museums and universities, and cultural tourism.

logo_vivere_all_italianaThanks to this new initiative, there could be a significant increase in cultural initiatives abroad already in 2017, with the opening of new offices in strategic extra-European countries, and boosting the number of Italian students abroad and of foreign students at Italian universities.

During the 2016-2017 two-year period, the Foreign Ministry’s overseas network has planned and organised more than 5,000 promotional events, of which 1,000 for the 16th Week of the Italian Language in the World and almost 1,300 for the first Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. (OI/AS)

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