“Lights and atmospheres of Tuscany”: landscapes of Cristiano Batacchi on display at UN in Geneva


GENEVA, OCTOBER 7 – The United Nations Office at Geneva and the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations Office organized an exhibition of Tuscan landscapes created by Italian artist Cristiano Batacchi. The exhibition “Lights and atmospheres of Tuscany” was inaugurated today and will stay open until October 18.

Batacchi is an artist who specializes in romantic and poetic paintings. His works inspire serenity and balance. The paintings are made with hard and precise brushstrokes that harmoniously depict human intervention in nature. His artworks inspire serenity and equilibrium. In a message on Twitter the Director General of the United Nations in Geneva, Tatiana Valovaya, thanked the Italian Permanent Mission, led by Ambassador Gian Lorenzo Cornado,  for promoting social inclusion through culture.

Batacchi’s paintings, abundant in romantic vibrations, have the dense and dark tones of ancient walls of Renaissance houses. His chromatic palette is composed of a blend of colors, in which bright colors and black never appear. Blue skies crossed by white clouds, varied tonalities of grey of leaves of olive trees, the green of standing and dark cypresses, the sunny roads, the austere and rigorous architecture of farmers’ houses absorb the silence of the surrounding landscape. Batacchi, considered a post-Macchiaiolo, studied with Osvaldo Curandai. He has observed Ottone Rosai for the volumes of houses and Ardengo Soffici for the serene equilibriums of his backgrounds.

The paintings on display in Geneva favor the main places in Tuscany where time still flows slowly and the echo of the large metropolis is far away. They are handmade and its constructions techniques recall the Tuscan figurative tradition. As a forum of social inclusion, the exhibition aims at offering a space for intercultural dialogue and promotion of creativity. (@OnuItalia)