COVID-19: WFP Director Beasley tested positive to virus

David Beasley

ROME, MARCH 20 – The head of the World Food Program David Beasley said he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. A former South Carolina governor, he is asking others he may have had contact with to get tested.

Beasley made the announcement on the WFP’s Medium page on Thursday. He says he fell ill while on an official visit to Canada and returned early on March 14, self-quarantining while awaiting testing to complete.

“So far, my symptoms have been relatively light, and I am in good spirits. I am lucky to be close to my family and I have access to excellent medical support,” Beasley wrote.

He urged WFP to trace back anyone he may have had close contact with while he was unaware of his infection, and is now working remotely at home in South Carolina. He also encouraged the WFP to keep on during the pandemic.
“Life must go on and the World Food Programme must continue to do the work that makes all of us so proud as we bring food assistance to the many millions across the world who depend on us for help,” he wrote. “I have a strong team of leaders around me and I have an incredible team of staff members in more than 80 countries around the globe. I am certain that you will continue to step up and do what needs to be done while I recover.” (@OnuItalia)