Italy with UNHCR: 7 million Euros to projects in Libya, Ethiopia, Tunisia


ROME, APRIL 20 – The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation approved new financial contributions worth 7 million Euro towards the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), for projects and assistance to IDPs and refugees in Libya, Tunisia and Ethiopia. The resources will come from the Ministry’s Africa Fund.

In Libya, in consideration of the risks that civil population, refugees and migrants are exposed to, the Ministry approved a contribution of 2 million Euro. The project to be implemented aims to distribute relief supplies to approximately 20,000 displaced families, provide assistance to 750 refugee families, and expedite up to 17 quick impact projects benefiting 8,500 people.

In Ethopia, the funds will help local authorities in their commitment to support Eritrean refugees in the northern region of Tigray, through providing medical assistance, activities in favor of child refugees and persons with specific needs, strengthening primary education for Eritrean refugees, access to drinking water in refugee camps.

The UNHCR project in Tunisa aims at supporting local authorities in welcoming migrants and asylum seekers, in particular in the regions of Sfax and Medenine.