Nuclear tests: Italy, “With gradual approach total ban can be achieved”


NEW YORK, AUGUST 26 – The International Day Against Nuclear Tests an important opportunity to reaffirm Italy’s commitment to a safe and peaceful world, free from nuclear weapons: “This is a goal which can be achieved with a gradual approach, based on concrete and verifiable measures, to enhance mutual confidence and international security and stability, and with the involvement of all relevant actors “, the Italian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York said during a high-level meeting of the General Assembly convened to mark the International Day on 29 August.

pixabayThe Total Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) is one of the pillars of the disarmament and non-proliferation architecture established by the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Although it has not yet entered into force, the CTBT has already achieved important results: the voluntary moratorium on nuclear tests, which must be made binding, and the creation of an international monitoring system (IMS), managed by the Treaty Organization (CTBTO), which now needs to be completed, also in light of its extensive applications in the scientific and civil sector, such as the study of atmospheric and climatic phenomena”, said the Mission, reiterating that Italy believes that “it is more necessary than ever,” especially because of the growing threats to international peace and security, to continue to work together for the universalization and entry into force of the CTBT”. (@OnuItalia)