Rondine returns to the UN, after a tour of North American universities


NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 25 – With its conflict resolution technique based on dialogue and the transformation of tensions into growth and development for society, “Rondine Cittadella della Pace” will be backat the United Nations next week. President Franco Vaccari, together with a delegation from the association, will be at the UN Headquarters on the 5th of December with the aim of accelerating the path towards peace.

The event will mark the closing of a tour which will bring the peace method devised by the association “Rondine” to some of the most prestigious American and Canadian universities, starting from George Mason University and the American University in Washington. The tour will end on December 4th at Harvard, the oldest university  of the United States. Last week in New York ‘Rondine’ was guest at the showroom of Brunello Cucinelli for a presentation attended by the Permanent Representative of Italy Mariangela Zappia. Cucinelli, a supporter of Rondine, organized an informal encounter to promote the association, a unique and innovative model for the restoration of world peace starting from a new humanism.

“One year ago the first international conference on the ‘Metodo Rondine’ was held in Washington, attended by fifteen of the most prominent experts and academics of the greatest universities of the world, reunited to bring a personal contribution to our methodology,” explained Vaccari. “Today it’s the universities themselves are asking for the ‘Metodo Rondine’ to be presented in their academic communities. For us, it’s a matter of recognition and great pride”.

The campaign Rondine Leaders of Peace, directed to national leaders, proposes to devolve a symbolic amount of money from their Defense Budget -corresponding to the price of a weapon- to scholarships for educating future leaders of peace. The permanent delegation of Italy at the United Nations is once again supporting ‘Rondine’. Recently, Zappia has brought the ‘Cittadella della Pace’ to the attention of the Security Council of the UN, as an Italian best practice for healing the wounds of conflict and rebuilding trust. (SB@OnuItalia)