Security Council: Zappia, UfC’s proposal “the most detailed and comprehensive on the table”


NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 26 – Addressing the annual debate of the UN General Assembly on reforming the Security Council, the Group Uniting for Consensus -coordinated by Italy- reaffirmed its commitment to ensure a consensual path towards reform, necessary for both transparency and legitimacy: “The UfC group looks forward to cooperating with the new Co-Chairs of the Intergovernmental Negotiations (IGN) that the PGA will appoint and wishes to express our full support for them in the incoming IGN, the only process – approved by the entire membership – that can lead to a consensual reform of the Security Council”.

The Permanent Representative of Italy at the UN, Mariangela Zappia, spoke for the Group and observed how “The UfC Group firmly believes that the Security Council needs to become truly representative, accountable, democratic, transparent and effective. Our proposal –the most detailed and comprehensive on the table – aims to achieve this goal”. Zappia further explained how the proposal’s superiority stems from the UfC’s continuous strive for consensus: “The UfC’s proposal has been adjusted over the years to what we have heard in the different rounds of negotiations. It takes into consideration the positions of all negotiating groups. It is informed by the spirit of flexibility that inspires our group”.

Zappia proceeded to describe the core of the UfC proposal: the creation of new non-permanent long-term seats, with the possibility of immediate re-election, and the establishment of new non-permanent seats covering a two year mandate. The proposal would make Africa, which is today underrepresented, the group with the greatest number of seats, and would also increase regional representation for the Asian Pacific, Small Island States under development, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and transregional groups like the Arab one.

“We all know that some obstacles have thus far impeded the achievement of a meaningful reform. Aiming at a common goal, we should now focus not on the walls that divide us, but on the bridges that can grow among us in a true spirit of flexibility and compromise,” said the representative.

The Ambassador Zappia, which for the occasion was wearing an orange scarf, furthermore reminded the Assembly of the International Day for the elimination of violence against women and the UN Women Campagne “Orange the World”, to which the Farnesina and Italy’s diplomatic web remain strongly committed. (SB@OnuItalia)