23 Giugno 2021
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With Italy’s help, UNESCO Earth Network becomes effective

PARIS, MAY 25 - The Multi-Partner Trust Fund “UNESCO Network of international environmental experts”, launched on December 1,  2020 by Director General Audrey Azoulay, became...

UNESCO: Majella and Aspromonte join Global Geoparks Network

PARIS, APRIL 22 - The Executive Council of UNESCO has officially approved the designation of the Aspromonte and Majella Geoparks as UNESCO Global Geoparks,...

UNESCO: Majella e Aspromonte entrano in rete Global Geoparks

PARIGI, 22 APRILE - Il Consiglio Esecutivo dell'UNESCO ha approvato ufficialmente la designazione dei geoparchi dell'Aspromonte e della Majella come UNESCO Global Geoparks, dopo...