20 Giugno 2021
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Covid-19: Sereni, international financial response needed

ROME, MARCH 23 - "Searching for tools that could help us in the fight against Covid-19, ACT-A was conceived a year ago these days...

Global health challenges from animals: Di Stefano meets Eloit (OIE)

ROME, MARCH 17 - The interconnected themes of prevention, preparedness and response to global health challenges arising from animals (zoonosis) and the surveillance of...

COVID-19: Italy, “global health is precondition for peace and stability”

NEW YORK, AUGUST 12 - COVID-19 threatens not only hard-won development and peacebuilding gains, but also “risks exacerbating conflicts or fomenting new ones”, the...

Universal Healthcare Coverage: Del Re confirms Italy’s commitment

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 23RD - Emanuela Del Re, the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, today attended the UN's 74th General Assembly event...